Welcome to MNTN Site. For ease, you can pronounce MNTN as "Mountain"

Mobile/Web Application Suite

We do fancy funky things, like building some interesting apps in various sectors... It's our hobby, and sometimes these apps are useful to more than just ourselves. Have a look at a few of our projects

Bespoke Applications

On occasion, we also build bespoke mobile applications for others. Why not... If you're good at something, you may as well make some money off it. Have a look at what we've built in the past (don't hold it against us, the past is the past)

Start-ups & Marketing

YES PLEASE! We love start-ups... New ideas? Oh yes! Something different? Bring it on! You want to change the world? SO DO WE! We assist start-ups and SMEs with a variety of services, from a simple logo redesign to a full business plan and execution.

What we do

If you must know, here's what we do...

Planning & Branding

You have to start somewhere right? We've got you covered with that.

Design & Architecture

Beautiful apps don't design themselves, we design them. Not only do we design them, we ensure that the user experience (UX) is the best.


We like to create. Developing systems is what we do. A simple mobile app? Check! A complex cloud-based solution... Piece of cake! We'll throw the passion into creating your dream

Social Media Marketing

Of what use is a beautiful app if no one knows about it?! This is why we handle marketing for you, ensuring that the app is seen by more than just our team and your family...

Consulting & Workflows

Got a problem? We feel bad for you son (and daughter.) Let's steer that ship in the right direction

Making Tea

It's an art okay?!. We're moving onto latte art next

Get in touch

Fill out the form, say hi... Fancy a cup of tea? Fill out the form and we'll see what we can do